About Taskeo

The ultimate project management and automation tool

Imagine your job done quickly and efficiently. Imagine processes streamlined. Workflows straightforward. And you - finally at peace with your schedule.

Taskeo makes it possible. It’s the automated project management tool you’ve been looking for.

Designed to improve the way your team works, Taskeo is a fully equipped toolkit packed with everything you need to skyrocket your productivity.

What can Taskeo help you with?

  • Create a solid workspace. Forget about using several applications and platforms to manage your work and meetings. Taskeo has set up everything for you - from basic task creation and productivity reports to CRM functionalities and meeting management.
  • Automate your workflow. In Taskeo, it’s easy to create and assign tasks. Now, everybody will know what’s on their agenda and what’s their deadline. Create projects easily and monitor their progress on every stage in a clear and readable workflow view. Project automations, recurring tasks and task templates will help you streamline and optimize all your processes.
  • Improve team communication. Ditch the lengthy email threads and neverending chat convos. Taskeo simplifies how your team communicates - every bit of info is exactly where it’s supposed to be, easy to find and go back to anytime you need. Different time zones or shifts won’t matter anymore when your team members find their latest tasks and messages in one place, each time they log in.
  • Involve your clients. Does your project need frequent feedback from your client? Taskeo allows them to monitor how’s the work going and leave their opinion in the right place. Let them be an important part of your projects and stay in touch with them 24/7, always having their valuable feedback available.
  • Analyze your performance and get better at what you do. Taskeo has an advanced, inbuilt reporting function which will analyse your productivity for you. It was never easier to see what’s your team struggling with and where your working schedule needs improvement. Find your weak spots instantly and eliminate them quickly to deliver better and work more efficiently.
  • Keep using your favourite apps. Taskeo is all you need, but we want you to stay on your toes and keep using what makes you work best. We keep growing our integration library, allowing you to merge your favourite productivity tools with our platform. We also provide our own API for you to integrate with your personal systems - all with your success as our main goal.

Who is Taskeo for?

  • Remote teams. Overcome difficulties such as different time zones and locations. Simplify communication and monitor the workflow regardless of your team’s working hours. Stay up to date and stay in touch - always, with everybody.
  • Businesses of any size. Ambitious and growing teams need the right tools to expand. Your company’s growth should be your priority, so let Taskeo take care of organising your workflow while you focus on what’s really important.
  • Freelancers & digital nomads. Work the way you like. Store your important job-related information in one place, always available. Work anytime and anywhere you want and never fall out of the loop. Your office should be as digital and flexible as your lifestyle and Taskeo makes it so!

Feeling like Taskeo is something you’d like? Create your free account right now. Be more productive, more efficient, more independent - from today on!