Company Culture

So what is that we believe in at Taskeo?

We believe in a practical approach to what we do. We create an automated project management tool for teams because we’ve experienced the same issues that you have. We’ve all been there - managers of global and multinational teams, freelancers, digital nomads, business owners and startup founders. We’ve walked miles in your shoes and that’s why what we design, stays true to what we are.

Our team is the one strictly relying on independence, proactivity and project ownership. We take seriously what we do and each of us comes out with their own ideas on how to make Taskeo better. We’re not afraid to sit down over challenges and brainstorm until we come up with the perfect solution. We don’t need to be encouraged to start doing things on our own. We’re self-starters and we hate sitting pretty.

Customer feedback is one of the main pillars that we lean on. Your satisfaction and opinion means a ton to us. If you like something about our product - tell us what it is. If you give up on it - tell us why. We want you to communicate with us so we can become better. We believe that our users are the most important part of Taskeo and we are here, listening and staying open-minded to what we hear.

But the most important thing for us? To deliver something painfully practical and life-changing. We’re not interested in designing average solutions. We want to create a product you’ll fall in love with. The product that will make you work smarter, better, more efficiently. We’re after your own success and we succeed together with you.

Are you with us? Try out Taskeo for free and check out how it can change your work today.