All the features for your team

Personal Dashboard

All your tasks from all your teams and projects - listed in one place, so easy to find. If a to-do list is a must have for a project management software, then we’ve got the one you’ll love.

Meeting Planner

Streamline calls, meetings and events organization.

Activity Feed

You think “feed”, you think “social media”. Our feed keeps you up to date with all events across your teams and projects.

Smart Search

Forget the tedious manual search of tasks or attachments. Type in your query and see where you can find what you’re looking for.


Your way to distribute workload smartly among your team members. No more bottlenecks, overloads and idle moments.


Easy time clocking for all your tasks. Generate reliable reports with one click.


Connect Taskeo with your current system thanks to our open API.


Plan, schedule and assign calls/meetings.

Burndown Chart

Preview estimates and progress on your projects. Plan smart with reliable project data.


Drop quick notes when in a hurry. You can convert them later to tasks in a selected project.


Integrate Taskeo with your favourite apps: iCal, Google Calendar, Zapier, GitHub, BitBucket, DropBox and Slack.

List View

Switch view if you prefer vertical list instead of kanban.


Mention users like on social media. Ensure nobody misses anything important again.

Project Types

Use different project types depending on your goals and needs.


Set email or push notification to remind you about important tasks and events.

Repeating Tasks

Save time by setting up automatically created, recurring tasks.


Sometimes a checklist is just not enough. Simplify the navigation of task dependencies.


Tag your tasks with colorful labels to find them more easily.

Task Filters

Filter your project tasks view by Users, Deadline, Tags and Status.

Task Progress

Set up task estimates to visualise their progress.

Task Templates

Easily recreate tasks from task templates. Automatically copy checkpoints and description.

Task Types

Turn your tasks into different types to separate them from regular to-dos.


See who you’re working with. Check the team members’ timezone, availability and last login time.

Time Tracking

Track time without third-party apps.