Hi! We’re the Taskeo team and we can help your organization work better and smarter.

In today’s digital world, it’s not hard to feel overwhelmed with all those project management apps.

Aren’t you confused as well?

We feel you. It’s tens of features to choose from. So many things to manage. We’ve been there, we’ve used them, we know your issues.

Even though there are so many apps available out there, we’re still caught in the process of managing workflows and creating frameworks rather than just…. doing the work

We intend to change it.

We’re these people who think that productivity doesn’t equal endless working hours. We’re these people who think you should work smart, not long. And most importantly, we’re these people who are bent on providing you with the right tool to do it.

What drives us forward, is our open-minded approach and wish to make work easier for everyone. Ambitious and hardworking, we’ve decided to create something that really matters. We’re here to create your ultimate project management tool with automations and to make it the best one you’ve ever used. We’re here to hear you out and gather your feedback. We’re going sweat really hard to make our product better. We want to make the project automation a thing for everyone.

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