If you had the chance to read our post about two levels of productivity in a team, then you already know that staying productive as an individual team member is key. But even with all the fantastic tools that teams got on their disposal these days, personal task management for each employee still appears to be neglected.

However, this is something that you can and should improve. And just like project management, personal task management can be successfully automated.

Common problems of individual employees

First, let’s have a look at some of the issues that you, as an employee, are likely to face each day.

Feeling out of the loop

Feeling as if you’re missing out on events is particularly relevant for people who work from different time zones or on different shifts. Conversations happen when you’re not there, instructions and guidelines are passed behind your back and sometimes it’s challenging to catch up with everything.

Employees try to solve it in many ways, for example, by leaving each other notes or emails. And then, the challenging part is to put it all together in one place and keep it organized.

Overload of information

In a hectic work environment, things often happen at a frustratingly fast rate. It may be hard for you to associate one event with another or connect a client name with their order. When you pair it with everything that your colleagues did, want or wait for, you’ve got a load of information that becomes hard to process.

Overload of tasks

Similar is the case of tasks. Colleagues and managers just keep asking for things. Assignments pile up. Everything is a priority. Everyone’s waiting for you to just “quickly do this one thing”.

Under such circumstances, it’s hard to remember all your assignments. You don’t know where to start. Keeping track of who asked for what becomes a struggle, let alone deciding what’s a real priority.

Not enough time to complete the assignments

With all the tasks to be completed as soon as possible, we sometimes fail to meet deadlines – or even if we don’t, we struggle with making things happen on time.

Too many tasks that we can’t complete leads to feeling overwhelmed and/or burnout. On top of that, we’re worried that our superiors will consider us unproductive and that only adds to the stress levels.

Lack of tools to manage your personal assignments

An issue connected to all these above is that employees often lack tools to manage their personal assignments. To manage your own tasks and to organize teamwork are two different things. Not every tool out there allows you to navigate through the maze of all your personal tasks and those you share with others.

Now, with these basic issues listed, let’s get into seeing what can be done about them with the help of automation.

How can automation help your personal task management?

Automated communication helps you stay in the loop – even when you’re offline

All these conversations happening when you’re offline or missed instructions will no longer be a problem the moment you add a pinch of automation to the way you communicate with your team. A task created, comment added, submission declined – everything can be automatically sent over to you and to your colleagues. And nobody will ever again feel left out because all the information will be right where it needs to be.

Filter the overload of information

What if you could tune out of the buzz that means nothing to you?

Imagine you receive only the important stuff to your mailbox or your project management tool. Just the things that matter and nothing else.

For example, in Taskeo, you can switch on and off which notifications you want to receive. 

Notification settings in Taskeo

So, at the same time, you can stay in the loop with important events while refusing to let in the noise.

Decide what’s really important

An automated task management platform helps you see clearly what’s waiting for your action. Everything assigned to you can be managed, re-delegated or postponed. Set up reminders to come back to tasks in one, two, three months. Or, if you feel like enough is enough, compare your workload with your team members and ask them to assist you more frequently.

Creating reminders in Taskeo

With everything listed on your personal to-do list, it’s easier to see what’s really important, what deserves to be prioritized and what will only clutter your schedule.

Find more time

Automating part of your workflow has one major benefit – it helps you save so much time. Automatic responses to emails, reminders, self-creating repeated tasks or ready-to-go control lists for your team? All of it can lower the number of things on your to-do list. Because why would you spend time on mundane organizational work when you can just jump straight into the real action?

Creating a task from template in Taskeo

Find the right tool

If you’ve got the right tool at your disposal, you can easily automate not only your team workflow but also your personal task management.

In Taskeo, automating your personal task management is available to you as much as it is available to your whole team. With private workspaces and projects, you can easily set up your personal working space where you’ll keep all the tasks that you don’t want to share with anybody else.

And with that goes the whole automation package included in Taskeo. Reminders, task templates, project automation and all others will help you get on track with everything that needs to be done.

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Ready to get automated?

Automation is one of those cool things that companies all over the world praise and believe in. But, opposite to what you might think, it’s not restricted to processes and teamwork. Actually, you can start automating your personal task management today – so why not give it a go and see if it works for you?

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