What’s your way to deal with large and complex projects? Did you ever wonder how can you manage them smarter? The answer is simple: introduce project milestones. They’re an easy way to monitor your work progress and plan smarter. And if you’re still asking how to manage your project milestones, then you should definitely try out these features from Taskeo.


Reminders are an easy way to make you don’t forget anything important.

In Taskeo, you can set reminders to be sent to you or your colleagues, by email or push notifications and at any time.

You can use reminders to remind your team about the approaching milestone deadlines or use them to regularly update the task status.

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Checkpoints can be assigned to your team members or left unassigned. It’s the simplest way to ensure that every bit is delivered by the right people. Noone else will confuse their responsibilities again!

Checkpoints can also successfully serve as guidelines or control list. The latter can easily serve as your way to list your requirements that cannot be ignored. When delivering the task, your team can once more check if they have completed all the steps.


If checkpoints are not enough, you can create the master tasks and related subtask.

It’s a simple way to explain tasks dependencies and bring more detail into every assignment that awaits your team.

Still how questions about how to manage project milestones with Taskeo?

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