We don’t let the summer heat slow us down.

Really, we’re working our heads off to get these sweet Taskeo updates done. Have a look below to see what’s happened recently and what we hope to achieve during the upcoming week.

Beta Tests

First things first: our beta tests. We believe that Taskeo is ready to be put out there, for you to try it. Yes, we are aware of many drawbacks the current version of our product has. Nevertheless, we hope you can join us in testing and help us make Taskeo better (the best?😉 ).

We call out to managers of the distributed teams and startups owners especially. Test Taskeo with your people, have a quick 1:1 call with us to discuss your impressions, and we’ll unlock one year of free premium platform access for whole your team. Contact us at office@taskeo.co to learn more.

Coming This Week

Our dev team is currently all about the mobile version of Taskeo. We’re still working on making it as good as it gets before you can use it on your mobile devices. A big part of it is the offline mode which will allow you to continue working even when you lose your Internet access.

Things we want to get done next week

Time tracking – it’s a feature really important to us and we know most of you remote workers can’t live without it. We’re working on improving how it works and we aim to release the final version very soon for you to check out.
Improved reports – we’ve been through many versions of our reporting system and we tested many solutions before we found the one we’re satisfied with. The new, better reporting system is coming for you this week and you’ll be able to use it to analyze your workflow.
Advanced notifications settings – We want to make it easier to stay up to date with what’s happening in your team. The new notification system will simplify the navigation of your updates and introduce a clearer insight into current tasks. It will also allow you to decide the way you receive notifications – via email, web push or on a mobile device.

The weekend is about to start, but we’re already looking towards the upcoming week. Stay with us and keep an eye out for new features rolling out in Taskeo!

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